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Proven Solutions for High Quality Water

Omya offers cost effective, reliable solutions for mineralization and pH adjustment, compliant to local drinking water regulations. Our high purity minerals deliver the best results in process efficiency and water quality.
Omyalime is a high purity, highly reactive milk of lime used to balance the pH of the final drinking water. It is a cost effective, natural replacement for sodium hydroxide directly dosed into the final water stream. This raises the level of calcium bicarbonate in the water, and removes the need to degass excess CO2 into the atmosphere.

Efficient, Sustainable pH Balancing

Exclusively available from Omya, Semidol removes carbonic acid and filters impurities from drinking and process water. Made from purest dolomite, it is half-calcined for improved reactivity. It corrects low pH quickly, protecting water infrastructure from corrosion. Other filtration media can be directly replaced by Semidol for healthier water.

Efficient Deacidification and Filtration

pH BalancingFiltration


In addition to our wide range of Calcium Carbonates, Omya offers a variety of complementary products in drinking water applications from leading suppliers of specialty chemicals:
  • Flocculants & coagulants 
  • Antiscalants 
  • Corrosion inhibitors 
  • Dispersants 
  • Other additives
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For mineralization of soft or desalinated water, our high purity magnesium and calcium minerals offer a cost effective, efficient solution that protects infrastructure. Compliant with local regulation, the Omyaqua range is available as chips, granules or micronized products which can be tailored to your water quality targets and operational needs.

Mineralization Tailored to Your Needs

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Omya Advanced Remineralization Process has a modular, flexible design, which is easily integrated into plant facilities. It uses high purity, micronized Calcium Carbonate to produce consistently high quality water with less waste. OARP offers cost savings over other remineralization processes, with tailored investment options to suit your needs.

Process Efficiency and Operational Savings

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A New Partnership for Omya’s Advanced Remineralization Process

Omya has appointed Biwater Inc. as its preferred Original Equipment Manufacturer for the design, supply and implementation of the Omya Advanced Remineralization Process. Biwater is a recognized leader in the design, supply and servicing of custom advanced water treatment technologies in the desalination and water reuse industry.
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